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The Water Kingdom's Beethoven
Episode 15
Air Date 12/21/1978
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Maetel and Tetsuro are traveling over Planet Black Knight when the Black Knight attacks the Galaxy Express. Maetel tells Tetsuro to stay aboard the train while she goes out to investigate what is going on. While she's out, Tetsuro leaves the train and eventually comes across the Black Knight who tells him his origin and offers Tetsuro a choice: live with him or die. Tetsuro refuses to abandon his quest and stay on the Black Knight's planet so the Black Knight attacks him with his Lance. Tetsuro is caught with nowhere to run so Maetel steps in and saves Tetsuro by letting the lance pierce her. The attack is fatal and she Maetel dies, but not before a mysterious voice inside her head calls out to her and tells her that, "... you have a very important mission. Understood?" An enraged Tetsuro kills the Black Knight in revenge and returns to the Galaxy Express where he finds Maetel alive and well. Confused, Tetsuro asks Maetel what happened and she tells him that everything was likely an illusion created by the Black Knight using the light absorbing gas that covers the entire planet.

Afterwards, the 999 stops on a water droplet planet named 4D-3. While there, Tetsuro is amazed at the natural beauty of the planet which has laws that prohibit the use of electricity on the planet. Maetel and Tetsuro decide to stay at an inn ran by an elderly woman who lives with her son, a talented pianist named Beethoven. While bathing, the son attacks Maetel in order to get her board pass but he is quickly defeated by her. His mother begs Maetel for forgiveness and says that her son acts out like this because he wants to travel the galaxy as a pianists but it is nigh impossible for him to earn enough money for a boarding pass while on such an underdeveloped planet. Maetel and Tetsuro forgive him, but they refuse to give him their boarding passes or sneak him onto the ship. After they leave, the young man is inspired to earn his pass the legitimate way.

End Quote[]

"Hope is the most beautiful light within a man's heart. Even if that light of hope leads towards something wrong, that light is still extremely beautiful."