The Graveyard at the Bottom of Gravity (Part 2)
Episode 8
Air Date 11/02/1978
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The Graveyard at the Bottom of Gravity (Part 1)
Trader Junction (Part 1)

Original title: "Juuryoku no Soko no Hakaba - Part 2" (重力の底の墓場後編)

Ryuzu brings Tetsuro to her home. There she demands Tetsuro remain with her, showing him the skeletons of those who refused her. Ryuzu offers Tetsuro a machine body, then shows him her beautiful machine body. Ryuzu tells Tetsuro her sad past, of how she was emotionally blackmailed into getting this body by her lover, but then was cruelly abandoned by him (she likens it to being "kicked to the curb like a beat-up old car") when others copied her style. Tetsuro refuses to take a machine body from Ryuzu, saying he wants to earn it himself, and Ryuzu reluctantly permits him to leave.

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