The Fossilized Warrior (Part 2)
Episode 13
Air Date 12/7/1978
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The Fossilized Warrior (Part 1)
Laala From the Double Planet

With the cloud of toxic gas approaching, Tetsuro decides to rescue the Fossil Warrior from the space pirates and asks Maetel to return to the Galaxy Express, which she agrees to do. After freeing him from his restraints and defeating the pirates, Tetsuro follows him back to his ship where he falls into a trap set by the Fossil Warrior, who regrets having to trap him, but tells him that it is necessary to save Leija.

After telling him that another cloud of fossil gas is approaching the planet, Tetsuro escapes and has a final confrontation with the warrior. Tetsuro critically shoots him during the fight only to find out later that the man never wished to kill Tetsuro. Before his death, he asks Tetsuro to bring Leija's fossil close to his body so that the two of them can be together in death. After doing this, Tetsuro races back to the Galaxy Express where Maetel and the Conductor are waiting for him. He boards the train and it takes off, barely escaping the cloud of toxic gas.

End QuoteEdit

"There was a planet, much like Earth, called the Fossil Planet. Here, a pair of young lovers became fossils and united forever. They became inseparable, even after death. Is that a sad thing? Or is it a wonderful thing? No one who exists can ever answer that question."