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The Fossilized Warrior (Part 1)
Episode 12
Air Date 11/30/1978
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Formless Planet Nuruba
The Fossilized Warrior (Part 2)

The Galaxy Express makes a stop on the Fossilized Planet, a planet filled with natural rocks that look like human beings. While there, the Express is derailed and Tetsuro is sent flying through a window and lands on the surface of the planet. While there, he is attacked by a the Fossil Warrior who is armed with a samurai sword who believes that Tetsuro has arrived to steal the fossils.

The two face off but Maetel, toting Tetsuro's pistol, arrives and scares the Fossil Warrior into leaving. Back aboard the ship, the Conductor asks to see Tetsuro's train pass. Tetsuro searches for it but can't find it and realizes that the mlitary man has stolen it. Without the pass, the Conductor tells Tetsuro that he will have to leave the train despite knowing the situation surrounding. Enraged by this, Tetsuro and Maetel search for and find the Fossil Warrior, who tells them that the planet was once identical to Earth but was consumed by a cloud of fossilizing gas, which turned everyone into stone, including his girlfriend Leija.

The Fossil Warrior is trapped by fossil thieves Maetel and Tetsuro sympathize with him but before the three can discuss things further, a gang of fossil thieves arrive and the "fossil warrior" leaves to confront them. He is able to chase them back to their spaceship where he falls into a trap that they set for him. Before Tetsuro and Maetel can rescue him, they find out that another gas cloud is quickly approaching the planet and the two must decide on where their priorities lie.