Shadow, of the Planet of Indecision
Episode 5
Air Date 10/12/1978
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Original title: "Mayoi no Hoshi no Shadow" (迷いの星の影)

The 999 travels to Pluto, also said to be "The Faltering Planet", where the frozen human bodies of the machine people have been laid to rest. There Maetel visits a frozen body whom she tells Tetsuro was a friend of hers. Tetsuro meets Shadow, the machine woman who is caretaker of the graves. Shadow shows him her frozen human body, a body so beautiful that she refused to have a face on her machine body since it couldn't compare to her human face. Shadow tries to capture Tetsuro to regain her human body, but Maetel saves him. That night, Shadow tricks Tetsuro into traveling outside the city so she can try once again to use his body, this time by taking the form of his mother. Maetel once again tries to rescue Tetsuro and they are able to leave when Tetsuro threatens to destroy Shadow's human body.

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