Seiyu Minori Matsushima
Gender Female
First Appearance Laala From the Double Planet

Although seemingly good natured during her introduction to the series, Laala reveals herself to be an an evil machine-human doctor who plans on stealing Tetsuro's body.


While escaping from a mob of angry machine people, Tetsuro is ran over by a vehicle. Luckily, Laala, the driver of the vehicle, is a doctor and agrees to help Tetsuro. At her lab, Laala swaps bodies with Tetsuro against his will and tries to force Maetel into traveling with her on the Galaxy Express so that she may finally escape the planet. Laala and Maetel leave the lab but Laala traps Tetsuro there and eventually sets it on fire after departing. When Maetel finds out about the fire, she attacks Laala and leaves to rescue Tetsuro.

With the lab destroyed Laala returns to tell Maetel that she has no hope of returning Tetsuro to his natural body and that she should leave the planet with her. Tetsuro attacks Laala and threatens her life unless she finds a way to switch his body back. Laala agrees to and takes he and Maetel to the lab of a fellow doctor named Mestol. When they arrive Mestol and Laala have no intentions of returning Tetsuro to his body; in fact, their plan is to force Maetel to switch with Mestol and then board the Galaxy Express together. Maetel, who brought Tetsuro's pistol along with her, forces the two to give Tetsuro back his body at gun point.

With things returned to normal, Maetel tells Tetsuro to return to the Galaxy Express while she finishes up things on the planet. Laala and Mestol fate's before the destruction of the planet is unknown, but they were on the planet during its destruction and be presumed dead.