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Seiyu Hiroko Kikuchi
English voice actor {{{English voice actor}}}
Gender Male
First Appearance Trader Junction (Part 1)

Hanako is a poor woman living on Trader. Tetsuro befriends her and the two of them travel to her home planet to meet her parents.


Hanako is originally from Wildflower. She moved to Trader as a young woman seeking better employment opportunities and marriage, but instead she found low wage jobs and eventually ended up in a life of crippling poverty.

After seeing her begging for food from her former employer, Tetsuro decides to buy Hanako a meal, which leads to other homeless people intimidating him into buying food for them as well. When he runs out of money, things start to get out of hand and Hanako aides him in escaping to her home in the sewers.

Tetsuro falls asleep and wakes on a train heading to Wildflower, Hanako's homeplanet. Once they arrive, Hanako introduces Tetsuro to her parents. Her parents mistake him as her fiancé but Tetsuro agree to go along with the rouse in order to make them happy. Having gone through a wedding ceremony, Hanako thanks Testuro for allowing her to make her parents happy and proud of her and helps him to return to Trader before the 999 leaves the station.