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Fossil Warrior
Fossil Warrior.jpg
Seiyu Osamu Ichikawa
English voice actor {{{English voice actor}}}
Gender Male
First Appearance The Fossilized Warrior (Part 1)

The Fossil Warrior lives his life for the dual purposes of protecting the fossilized citizens of his planet, which includes his girlfriend Leija, from fossil thieves and finding a way to undo the process. When he meets Tetsuro and see his boarding pass for the 999, he views it as a way for him to leave the planet and seek otside help at finding a cure.


The warrior was a resident of the Fossilized Planet before it became fossilized and due to him being in space at the time, he was the only citizen not to be fossilized.

During a stop over on the Fossilized Planet, the Fossil Warrior lays a trap for the Galaxy Express and causes it to derail. While out trying to protect the citizens from fossil thieves, the warrior attacks Tetsuro and steals his boarding pass. Tetsuro seeks out the warrior and together the two of them defeat actual fossil thieves.

When the warrior hears that another cloud of fossilizing gas is approaching the planet, he instigates a battle to the death with Tetsuro so that he may be killed and be fossilized with Leija forever.