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Formless Planet Nuruba
Episode 11
Air Date 11/23/1978
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At the request of two passengers, the GE999 makes a 14 hour stop on Nuruba: a formless planet that is also a notoriously popular location for suicides. Tsuru and Suru, two formless inhabitants of the planet, attack Maetel and Tetsuro, who have decided to stay aboard the Galaxy Express during the lay over. After replicating their bodies and stealing their clothes, Tsuru and Suru try to pass themselves off as the real Maetel and Tetsuro but are thwarted by a naked Tetsuro.

Before Tetsuro can give the two a beating, Maetel asks him not to and the father (Nuru) of the aliens comes to explain that the two meant no harm and only wanted to experience what life would be like if they had a form. Before the aliens leave the ship, their father seems to recognize Maetel and warns them that she is...something...but while Tetsuro strains to hear he cannot make out the last part of the warning. The episode concludes with the young couple who requested the stop committing suicide by throwing themselves off the 999 as it speeds away high above the planet's surface.

End Quote[]

"It may be that in this universe, things with no shape may be correct. Be it people, be it stars, their forms may be nothing more than ephemeral, temporary things. If that is the case, then there is no reason to weep when you look in a mirror."