Departure Ballad
Episode 1
Air Date 09/14/1978
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The Red Winds of Mars

Original title: "Tabidachi no Ballad" (出発のバラード)

Tetsuro's mother is murdered while the two of them travel through the snow by the villainous Count Mecha. Before she dies, Tetsuro's mother tells him to go to the planet Andromeda where he can get a machine body and not die like she did. Tetsuro passes out from the cold but is rescued by the mysterious Maetal, who gives him a pass to the Galaxy Express 999 for free under the condition that he travel with her. Tetsuro first travels to Count Mecha's mansion, where he gets his revenge on him. Tetsuro and Maetel flee from the police and make it to the 999, which takes off.

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