Galaxy Express 999 Wiki
Seiyu Kaneta Kimotsuki
English voice actor Terry Klassen
Gender Male
First Appearance Departure Ballad

The Conductor serves as the liasion between the Galaxy Railways and the passengers aboard the GE999. The Conductor has a serious personality and is a stickler for following policy, regardless of the outcomes or particulars of the situation. This often puts him at odds with Tetsuro and Maetel. However, this is balanced by a strong passion to protect the passengers aboard the GE999, which has earned him their respect.

The Conductor is never seen clearly, apart from his two glowing eyes. Very little is known about his past, but in the TV series it is implied that he has only been with the Galaxy Railways for a few years.

The Conductor was voiced by the late Kaneta Kimotsuki and english voice actor Terry Klassen.