Black Knight
Black Knight
Seiyu Joji Yanami
Gender Male
First Appearance The Water Kingdom's Beethoven

The Black Knight is a machine-human that is well known throughout the galaxy for attacking trains that travel over his planet, Planet Black Knight. The Black Knight lives his life in solitude and despite the fact that he is feared by many, his only wish is to become friends with the people on the trains that he terrorizes.


The Black Knight was originally a space wanderer who tired of traveling through the galaxy by himself. Eventually he decided to settle down and had the idea to purchase a planet with the hopes of turning it into a paradise that many people would visit. In order to gather the funds to purchase a planet, he sold his original mechanical body and replaced it with a very out of date one. Unfortunately, his realtor tricked him into buying a planet that would soon be covered in a gas that traps light, making it a horrible choice for a paradise spot. The knight has spent all of his time since then attacking trains that pass by his planet and asking those onboard to become his friends. Eventually he became twisted and he began to give people the ultimatum of live on Black Knight forever or die.

One day, the Black Knight attacks the Galaxy Express and Maetel goes out to investigate. While out, Tetsuro leaves the train and eventually comes across the Black Knight, who tells him his origin and offers Tetsuro a choice: live with him or die. Tetsuro refuses to abandon his quest and stay on the Black Knight's planet so the Black Knight attacks him with his lance. Tetsuro is caught with nowhere to run so Maetel steps in and saves Tetsuro by letting the lance pierce her. The attack is fatal and an enraged Tetsuro shoots and kills the Black Knight in revenge.